Posted by: sexy_girls | December 10, 2007

Foto Gadis Bali Telanjang

The girls have dance training with Choreographer Georgia from London. They learn a dance sequence from a musical. They will need that dance for their upcoming photoshoot which is going to be a very sexy and rock-star style shoot. Yvonne cannot really follow the routine and cries. Surprise at the LOFT: the parents visit the girls – lots of tears and laughter!


Later the girls have their first go-see at Escada where chief designer Brian Rennie invites them to a Casting for the Escada look book. The Casting is only a test which the girls however do not know and Heidi pushes them to be absolutely pitch perfect with their walk and their presentation. She watches the casting from a nearby trailer. The purpose is to determine which one of the six girls would be able and ready to be cast by a world famous fashion label and actually be considered for the job. The girls are asked to put on different Escada outfits and accessories and have to strike a pose as well as do a short runway walk for Brian Rennie. Lena G. simply looks amazing and very natural at the same time. Her and Janina are the best and may for one evening and one night go to Paris where they meet Peyman Amin from IMG models who takes them out clubbing.

While Lena and Janina are still travelling back to Germany from Paris the other girls are already on location for their photo shoot in a theatre in Cologne. The girls get crazy hair, big make-up and some Musical Star/Rock Star style outfit. Their task is to use the moves they have learned from Georgia in order to deliver a really cool photo with a lot of movement and expression. Jennifer has a terrible stomach ache, but she does not let her bad health get in the way with her performance. She is very cool and convincing and the judges are amazed. Charlotte however is not doing so well with her shoot, she is too shy and cannot present herself in a sexy way. She clearly feels uncomfortable with the whole setting and the task. The judges criticise her badly. Lena G. and Janina are tired after only one hour of sleep, however they pull themselves together and after a short “warming up” they take good photos.


This week the elimination is especially hard on Bruce: Lena M. and Charlotte must go. Bruce is speechless and cries, because Lena M. was his favourite and he is heartbroken and cannot stop crying. After the dismissal Heidi joins the girls backstage and she tells them they are going to get a full body waxing for their next shoot – Body painting with Joanne Gair. The girls are excited.



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